hello --- Says hello.
'hello --- Same as /\.
@Atlas help --- Shows this
'help --- Alternative to @Atlas help
'funny --- Writes a funny sentence.
'say --- Says what to say.
'math --- Says what you want to say.
'roll --- Rolls a virtual dice.
'stab <@member> --- Stabs a mmber.
'ttm --- Text to morse.
'mtt --- Morse to text.
'ttb --- Text to binary.
'btt --- Binary to text.
'version --- Shows current version of the bot.
'licence --- Shows the licence.
'changelog --- Shows the changelog.
'uptime --- Shows how much time the bot has been running.
'play --- Plays a YouTube video.
'shoot <@member> --- Shoots someone.
'google --- Googles.
'inviteme --- Gives you an invite code for you to invite the bot to your server.